Poverty Exemptions

The Board of Review of the City of Burton recognizes the need to have available a procedure by which residents in need of assistance under MCL 211.7u can make an application for property tax relief.  The Board of Review further recognizes that, pursuant to statute, as well as case law, they must adopt procedures and guidelines, approved by Burton City Council, to be used as standards when considering appeals made based on financial hardship. The Board of Review understands that these guidelines must be adhered to when reviewing hardship appeals, and reserves the right to make individual considerations within their authority, as they feel necessary. Any form submitted that is inaccurate or not fully completed will result in a denial of the appeal. All information in the form is subject to verification from the Board of Review or the Assessor’s Office.

All applicants must obtain the proper applications from the Board of Review. All applicants, if approved by the Board of Review, will pay based on an assessment which will produce a property tax liability equal to 5% of their gross income. The effect of the property tax rebate feature of the Michigan Income Tax will be considered when making this calculation.  Additionally, the Board of Review will consider all revenue and non-revenue producing assets during its deliberation as to whether relief shall be granted.

Applications must be filed every year. If granted, the exemption is for one year only.  Information must be submitted in a timely matter before it can go before the Board of Review.  The submission deadlines are as follows:

 March Board of Review Application Deadline – March 7th
July Board of Review Application Deadline- July 11th
December Board of Review Application Deadline- December 5th

Following are the federal poverty guidelines for use in setting poverty exemption guidelines for 2024 assessments. 

 Persons in Household Household Income
 1  $14,580
 2  $19,720
 3  $24,860
 4  $30,000
 5  $35,140
 6  $40,280
 7  $45,420
 8  $50,560
For each additional person, add:  $5,140

  PA 390 of 1994 states that the poverty exemption guidelines established by the governing body of the local assessing unit shall also include an asset level test. An asset test means the amount of cash, fixed assets or other property that could be used, or converted to cash for use in the payment of property taxes. The asset test should calculate a maximum amount permitted and all other assets above that amount should be considered as available.

If you wish to apply for this exemption, please fill out the form below and return it to the Assessor's Office before the designated deadlines along with the necessary documentation. Please be aware, even if you do not file an income tax return, you should still file for the Michigan Homestead Credit.

Poverty Exemption Form