What is the difference between a shed and a garage?

The only difference there is between a shed and a garage is the size. Sheds are less than 199 square feet and require a site permit. The structure is considered a garage any time that it is 200 square feet or more and requires a building permit with specifications on the construction.  

When will I be required to install 42” footings on an accessory structure?

When constructing a garage there is a 42” footing requirement when the structure is attached to the dwelling, or when it exceeds 600 square feet in size and unattached from the dwelling. However, when attaching to an existing dwelling that does not have a 42” footing then the foundation requirement would be the same as the dwelling.

What size garage / pole barn can I build?

The size of your property and your existing structures will determine the amount of square footage allowed on your property. Please print the pamphlet and follow the steps on “how to figure allowable square footage for an accessory structure.” 

Do I need a permit for a pool?

Permits are required for any pool that holds more than 24" of water. 

If I am doing interior work to my house, do I need a permit?

Cosmetic work done to the interior of the house does not require a permit. (examples of cosmetic work is painting, carpet or floor coverings, and interior doors). If you do not know whether or not you need a permit please contact the building department.

Does finishing of a basement require a permit?

Finishing of a basement does require a permit. Also when finishing a basement, code requires that an egress window is installed in the basement.

When are smoke detectors required?

When pulling a permit for any interior improvements you will be required to install smoke detectors in all bedrooms and hallways and must be hard wired & looped together.

Is there a permit requirement for a deck? Do I have to install rails?

Decks require permits unless it is free standing at least 10 feet from the house and are less than 200 square feet. Decks that are 30” or more off the ground must have rails and the spindles cannot be more than 4 ¼” apart.  

Who is responsible to pull a permit?

As the property owner it is your responsibility to ensure that a permit has been pulled for the work being done to your property. If you hire a contractor, please ask to see the permit before the work is started. You will have little recourse or action to the contractor if you pull the permit for them and/or fines if the project is not permitted at all.