Building Division

The Building Department performs a variety of services. We grant building, site, and occupancy permits and conduct inspections of buildings, sites, or parcels necessary to carry out the duties in the enforcement of current Building Codes and the City of Burton Ordinances.

Building permit fees are based on the estimated cost of construction; roofing, siding, fences, and sheds have set fees. A building permit is also required for demolition of a structure.

The City of Burton does not permit electrical, mechanical, or plumbing projects. These trades are permitted through the State of Michigan and are inspected as such. However, the City does required proof of approvals of the trades before a rough and/or final inspection for the building permit will be issued. This does not include permits pertaining to suppression and fire alarm systems. These activities are permitted at the City of Burton Fire Department. 

The Building Inspector has the right to enter onto your property to conduct inspections at any time there is an open permit, or when a complaint is made that constitutes a nuisance or an unreasonable hazard to the neighboring properties.