Road Complaints

The City of Burton takes pride in its ability to remove the snow within one day on all major streets, and within 2-3 on all locals during a normal snow event.

Some tips that will allow the plow trucks to better serve you.

  • Please do not park on the shoulder of the road during a storm event. Although your street may allow parking the vehicle blocks the plow from getting close to the edge of the street, and could be towed.
  • Do not follow close behind a plow truck there are times that it is difficult to see a small car and this may cause an unnecessary accident.
  • The City of Burton does not stop plowing until all of the streets are done, please be patient as there are laws to the number of hours in a day a driver can be behind the wheel.
  • Be cautious of the conditions. We live in a State that has unpredictable weather and it would be best to plan to leave early on days when the weather is bad, you may need to drive slower and stop farther back.
  • Please understand that the Major Roads must be cleared before Local Roads can be addressed. If the storm event last for more than a day, the majors will need continuous clearing.
Snow Removal from Sidewalks

It shall be unlawful for any owner or occupant of any premises within the jurisdictional boundaries of the city to fail to remove any snow or ice which may accumulate on any sidewalk adjacent to the premises within 24 hours after the cessation of any storm and to keep that sidewalk free from obstructions. Violation of this section shall be a municipal civil infraction. If you would like to make a complaint about a business or residential home that is not removing the snow for their sidewalk please email or call 810-742-9230.


There are still several gravel roads located in the City of Burton. Grading is done as soon as possible in the spring and again in the fall. Please understand that grading is done depending on the weather. If it is raining or wet, if the ground is still frozen, we are unable to grade the roads until we have at least 3 days of dry, above freezing, conditions all day long.

If you would like to get your street paved through the special assessment process, please review the terms of Chapter 150 of the Ordinance

If you have a problem with the condition of your gravel street please contact us at 810-742-9230 or by email.

Potholes and Cracks 

The City of Burton Road Department services 71.52 miles of major streets and 106.43 miles of local streets. We may not be able to find every pothole and crack in the City. If you notice one and would like to report it, please contact us with a detailed location at 810-742-9230 or