Cross Connection Inspections

Cross Connections

A Cross Connection is a connection or arrangement of piping or appurtenances through which backflow of nonpotable water could flow into the public drinking water supply. Historically, the waterworks industry has made a determined effort to provide the consumer with an unlimited quantity of high quality water. Inappropriate connections between piping containing contaminants or potential contaminants and potable water supply piping are encountered on all public water supply distribution systems. The control of these cross connections is difficult since it demands the inspection and necessary reinspection of industrial and commercial establishments, as well as some control of public and private dwellings, including homes.  

To comply with the water supply cross-connection rules of the State Department of Environmental Quality, being M.A.C. R325.11401 - R325.11407 , the City of Burton has in place a cross connections inspection program. A complete copy of this code is available for public use and inspection at the office of the City Clerk.

It shall be permissible for the city or county employees to cause inspections to be made of all properties served by the public water supply where cross-connections with the public water supply are deemed possible.  The frequency of inspections and reinspections based on potential health hazards involved shall be as established by the city and as approved by the State Department of Public Health.

The representative of the city or county employees shall have the right to enter, at any reasonable time, any property served by a connection to the public water supply system in the city, for the purpose of inspecting the piping system or systems thereof for cross-connections.  On request, the owner, lessees, or occupants of any property so served shall furnish to the inspection agency any pertinent information regarding the piping system or systems on the property.  The refusal of this information or refusal of access, when requested, shall be deemed prima facie evidence of the presence of a cross-connection.

The city and the county are hereby authorized and directed to discontinue water service after reasonable notice to any property wherein any connection in violation of this ordinance exists and to take those other precautionary measures deemed necessary to eliminate any danger of contamination of the public water supply system.  Water service to the property shall not be restored until the cross- connection has been eliminated in compliance with the provisions of this ordinance.

Backflow Inspection

No private water supply shall be used for any purposes in the city until the owner or occupant of the premises to receive the private water supply shall first take all necessary steps to eliminate any possibility of the entrance of water from the private water supply into the public water system.  In this regard, there shall be a system approved by the Department, i.e., complete air break between pipes, lines, and fixtures of both systems, check valves, or backflow apparatus asa