How do I know which Site Plan approval my business requires?

Site Plan Review Required with Planning Commission Approval when there is a new development, change of use, additional use of an attached building or portion of building, or construction of a previously developed property

Administrative Site Plan Review is required when there is change of ownership  or with use change as permitted in that zone, construction of detached storage buildings that meet section 157.092 (C)(1), or construction of unenclosed structures for recreational purposes

Zoning Review is required when change of ownership in a multiple tenant space, or change of use in a multiple tenant space – having previously approved site plan

Do I need a permit to sell merchandise in the parking lot of a business, even if I have permission from the owner?

Yes, a roadside stand permit is required. Also you will need to submit permission in writing from the owner, a clean up deposit, and a site plan including setbacks and the location of all structures. 

How do I get an Ordinance Amended?

Ordinances may be reviewed for amendments through recommendation from the City Council. Also the administration can make suggestions to the Council for ordinances that do not exist, or that may need to be established.     

What does a zoning classification mean?

All zoning classifications and allowable uses can be reviewed under Chapter 157 of the City Ordinance. If you do not know what zoning the property is, the zoning map will be helpful. Also contact the planning official to get information on your zoning.  

Do I have to submit engineered drawings for Site Plan Review?

Yes, the Planning Commission will need to see engineered drawing that meets all of the requirements of Section 157.092 of City Ordinance.

How do I become a Planning Commission member?

The Planning Commission members are appointed by the Mayor, if a term is set to expire you may contact the Mayor and submit a letter of interest.