City Owned Properties for Sale - Min. Bid Required

Notice of City owned Properties for sale

 The City of Burton has adopted a Resolution Authorizing the Sale of City-Owned Property by Sealed Bids for the below properties with a minimum bid required set forth.  A copy of the Resolution Authorizing Sale of these properties may be inspected in the Burton City Clerk’s office.  If interested, please follow the instructions and submit sealed bids to:  Department of Public Works, C/O City Owned Property Bids, 4093 Manor Dr., Burton, MI 48519 no later than November 18, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. local time.  Immediately thereafter, all sealed bids received will be publicly read aloud in the Burton City Council Chambers, 4303 S. Center Rd., Burton, MI.  These properties are sold “as-is”, with no title insurance.  The Burton City Council will meet and consider these bids at its meeting of December 7,2020, or after. 

 A copy of all bid documents, including instructions on how to submit the bids, are on file and available for review at the Department of Public Works located at the above address, or may be obtained electronically by clicking on the property listed below. 

The City of Burton reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to accept any bid which shall be deemed to be most favorable to the interest of the City of Burton.  Special consideration may be given on vacant lots based on the buildability of the lot when the bidder is the adjoining property owner.

 59-13-553-003                                    1360 Transue

59-14-503-049                                    1184 Sunnydale

59-14-527-038                                    E. Court St.

59-14-554-043                                    1354 Roat Ct.

59-14-576-178                                    1327 Potter Blvd.

59-22-529-026                                    Bramblewood Dr.

59-22-529-064                                    Sandalwood Dr.

59-28-501-035                                    3152 Ludwig St.

59-28-501-148                                    Myrton St.

59-28-502-057                                    3155 E. Hemphill Rd.

59-29-576-009                                    2320 Kenneth St.

59-30-551-008                                    Mandeville Ave.

59-30-576-068                                    Allen St.

59-30-576-144                                    Decamp St.

59-30-576-212                                    Norton St.

59-30-577-194                                    Wells St.

59-30-577-196                                    Wells St.

59-30-578-029                                    1408 Carman St

59-30-578-033                                    Carman St.

59-30-578-098                                    1372 Donovan St.

59-31-526-005                                    Scottwood Ave.

59-31-526-037                                    Scottwood Ave.

59-31-528-009                                    1508 Parkwood Ave.

59-31-528-040                                    Homestead Dr.

59-31-576-078                                    Gram St.

59-32-501-254                                    Boatfield Ave.

59-32-501-312                                    2189 Boatfield Ave.

59-32-503-212                                    2121 McLean Ave.

59-32-503-317                                    2079 E. Judd Rd.

59-32-551-010                                    2165 Webber Ave.

59-32-552-045                                    2089 Brady Ave.

59-32-552-089                                    Brady St.